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Natick Veterans Stories

Peacetime Interviews

John R. Bower

U.S. Army 1977–1979

John Bower grew up in Natick, Mass. and after college, enlisted in the all-volunteer Army and joined the 7th MP Company, 7th Infantry Division. ... more >>

William Callahan "Bill"

National Guard 1982–2012

Bill Callahan is a “30-year” man with service in both the U.S. Air Force and the Mass. Army National Guard. His active service with the Guard in... more >>

Adolph Caso

U.S. Army

As a young child in Italy near Naples, Mr. Caso witnessed a lot of warfare - Axis and Allied - during World War II. Later he immigrated to the U... more >>

Paul F. Foley

U.S. Navy 1979–2009

Paul Foley joined the military in 1979 because he thought the U.S. was about to wage war against Iran. He joined the Naval Construction Battalio... more >>

Michael P. Forte

U.S. Navy 1945–1947
U.S. Air Force 1951–1981

Michael Forte entered the U.S. Navy at the end of World War II, and found himself in the new field of electronics. While serving with the Navy, ... more >>

Debra Freed

U.S. Air Force 1981–1985

Debra Freed joined the Air Force in 1981 to do something new and for a chance to travel. She became a jet engine mechanic and was stationed in J... more >>

Joseph J. Gallick

U.S. Army 1986–2009

Joseph "Father Joe" Gallick wanted to serve in the military because his relatives did so during World War II. An ordained priest with the Orthod... more >>

Michael Hamm

U.S. Army 1982–1988

Michael Hamm joined the U.S. Army in 1982. He served as a radar operator with the 24th Infantry Division Mechanized, 32nd AddCom and the 1st Inf... more >>

Jennifer Holey

U.S. Army 1994–2002

Jennifer Holey entered the Army Nurse Corps from Texas Christian University, where she was a member of ROTC. Her eight-year career in the Army i... more >>

Dan Hubbard

U.S. Army 1956–1960
U.S. Marine Corps 1960–1980

Dan Hubbard was born and raised in West Virginia. He served four years in the Army from 1957-61, went back to civilian life and decided it wasn’... more >>

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