Michael S. Lang

U.S. Army 2001–2008


By the time he had graduated from Weymouth High School in 2001, Michael Lang was already in the Army Reserve and was accepted into the Military Police, his unit assuming they would be dealing with the Russians. September 11th changed all that, and Lang details their deployment to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, policing over 600 prisoners. After a year in Cuba, he returned to the States for nine months, left the Reserves, and in July 2004 joined the US Army. Deployed to Iraq with the 10th Mountain Division and stationed at Camp Striker, Mike talks in detail about his experiences, including the loss of two of his friends. Living the MP motto, "Of the troops and for the troops," Mike continued his career in the National Guard and was discharged in March 2008. He speaks eloquently about coming home, his sense of duty, and his feelings about all veterans.

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